Dance Classes

From beginners to En Pointe

Steps offer classes from 2 years of age to the professional performer, catering for the recreational student and the more serious alike.

Under the guidance of experienced teachers, Steps’ students learn correct form and technique, while fostering a love of movement, music and dance.


Classical Ballet is a beautiful and intriguing form of dance. Its core development of careful training will provide even the youngest student the poise and understanding of how their body works to make any dance moves look effortless. Ballet is important to a childs dance development and is encouraged as all styles are based on classical ballet techniques. We teach the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Syllabus. Students will learn how to engage their muscles, improve their flexibility, and over time increase their strength and balance, plus, their pirouettes and pliés will leave students with a real sense of achievement.


Contemporary has become popular over the years thanks to social media. Like all subjects once again all the style gel together to help each subject develop with ballet being the basis of contemporary dance. Contemporary is an expressive form of dance with ballet as the basis of its technique. Students will gain a creative outlet through improvisation and stylistic freedom. It’s known to combat stress as dancers are encouraged to express their feelings through motion.


Jazz takes on many forms. It has evolved in so many ways over the years and there is no end to its possibilities, old school through to the more modern version are all fun to learn – with isolations, kicks, turns, leaps, flips and slides, you name it, it’s all in there. While it appears to be easier than other styles, don’t be deceived! We provide the opportunity for Commonwealth Society Teachers of Dancing (CStudents will see an increase in flexibility, endurance, and muscle memory. What’s more, they’ll have heaps of fun while they’re at it.


Tap is Rhythm with your feet. It provides the body with the skill to interpret musical rhythms through movement of the feet with defining accents to form musicality. Starting from a young age, Tap is encouraged as an essential part of a dancers musical and coordination development, providing a wonderful skill that flows throughout the genres. For the more serious Tap performer we provide the opportunity for CSTD examinations. Jazz is a fun-filled genre of utilising rhythm and creating music with their feet.


Aerial classes allow your child to perform spectacular circus-like moves – in the air! Not only do students love to show off their impressive gravity-defying skills, they also improve spatial awareness, core strength, and gain a sense of achievement. Don’t worry, students won’t be thrust into the air right away. Our classes are tailored for all levels and age groups.


Incorporating strength, power, speed and balance, Acrobatics is a fantastic way to stimulate both physical development and cognitive growth. Students will improve their fine motor skills, strengthen their bones, and increase their flexibility. Not only that, but it also instils a sense of self-discipline and can help improve social skills.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop dancing isn’t just about breakdancing or locking and popping. It’s an extremely versatile form of dance which is fun to both perform and to watch! Students slide and sway to modern beats while making lots of new friends. Hip-Hop is also a great form of cardio exercise which will increase lung capacity and strengthen muscles providing long-term health benefits.


For children who love to perform, our Theatre classes combine both singing and dancing in a fun and supportive environment. Singing is an excellent way for children to increase their self-confidence levels and improve their communication skills. Singing is a skill that builds on a love and appreciation of the arts and theatre.

First Steps 2-3 years

A great way to introduce your child to the magical world of dance. Your child will enjoy the experience of learning new steps while making friends and having fun!

Tiny Steps 3-4 years

Available for boys and girls from 3-years, watch as your child grows in confidence each lesson, while improving their listening skills, strength and fitness.

Little Steps 4-5 years

Within this class, children commence a more structured process of learning while still having lots of fun!

Junior Steps 5-6 years

During Junior Steps students fine-tune their technical dance skills working towards more complex dance moves towards to end of the year.

Young Dancers 8 years+

This program is the springboard for students wanting to dance for love and enjoyment, or step towards a more formal direction of dance.

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